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Salkantay Trek Climate

The extreme topography of Peru governs the climatic conditions of Salkantay Treks. The tropical, temperate, Alpine regions and tundra climate types are found respectively in this region of Peru. What type of weather is at Salkantay Treks to Machu Picchu in Peru?.- The Climate for Salkantay Treks varies according to its season. Autumn, winter and … Read more


Salkantay-Treks-to Machu Picchu

Without a doubt, Mount SALKANTAY is one of the most emblematic landscapes of the region of Cusco in Peru, that today everyone knows or has heard about it. This mountain is famous for its continually snowy summit and the picturesque lagoons. Salkantay is home to network of trails also called the Great Trails to Machu … Read more