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Short Salkantay Trek 2 Days / 1 Night

Get Ready for the Adventure of a Lifetime: Discover the Hidden Wonders of Short Salkantay Trek!

Short Salkantay Trek, a hidden gem nestled in the heart of the breathtaking Andes Mountains, offers a truly unique Peruvian adventure. This trek takes you off the beaten path, allowing you to experience the magic of the Inca Trail in a different light. You’ll find yourself surrounded by stunning lagoons, a diverse array of elusive wildlife, and a rich tapestry of cultural and historical experiences.

At Short Salkantay Trek, we prioritize your safety, comfort, and enjoyment. Our tours are meticulously designed to allow you to experience the world’s most incredible sites at your own pace. We understand that every traveler is different and are committed to tailoring your trip to ensure you get the most out of this incredible natural wonderland.

Our two-day Short Salkantay Trek is perfect for those who have previously visited Machu Picchu and are looking for a new adventure. This trek gives you the opportunity to explore breathtaking landscapes and features a visit to the picturesque Humantay Lagoon and the majestic Salkantay Mountain. The journey begins in the city of Cusco, from where you will be transported to Soraypampa. Along the way, we pass through the remote indigenous towns of Iscuchaca and Limatambo, where Inca traditions are still preserved.

The climax of the trip is a visit to the Humantay Lagoon, located at the foot of the majestic glacier-covered Salkantay Mountain range. Why wait? Join us on an adventure of a lifetime and explore Peru in all its glory!

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$ 190 Per Person
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  2. With easy, fast, and risk-free service, your bookings are guaranteed.
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Trip Style

4650 M. / 15255 FT.

Max. Altitude




Activity Level

Inportant Info About 2-Day Short Inca Trail

Additional Information About 2-Day Short Inca Trail

Embarking on the Salkantay Trek is a journey like no other. This iconic trek is renowned as the best trekking route in Peru, combining challenging terrains, stunning landscapes, and rich cultural experiences. Whether you’re a seasoned trekker or a novice adventurer, the Salkantay Trek offers an unforgettable experience that will leave you in awe.

One of the main reasons why the Salkantay Trek stands out as the best trekking route in Peru is its diverse and breathtaking itinerary. Spanning over several days, this trek takes you through a variety of landscapes, from snow-capped mountains to lush forests and high-altitude passes. Each day presents a new adventure, providing a sense of exhilaration and discovery.

But it’s not just the natural beauty that makes the Salkantay Trek a top choice for trekkers. The cultural encounters along the way add a unique dimension to the journey. As you traverse through traditional villages and ancient archaeological sites, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with the local Quechua people and learn about their rich heritage.

The Salkantay Trek offers a unique blend of natural beauty and cultural immersion. With its diverse itinerary, this trek is an ideal choice for adventurers looking to explore the best of Peru’s landscapes and ancient culture.

Join us for an unforgettable trekking experience in the stunning surroundings of Cusco. To ensure your convenience, we offer pick-up services from your hotel in Cusco or other specified locations. This exciting activity includes roundtrip transportation from your preferred accommodation in the city of Cusco. Don’t miss this opportunity to embark on an adventure of a lifetime!

Experience the captivating 2-day Short Salkantay Trek with us as we take you on an unforgettable journey. Rise and shine to a gentle wake-up call with a steaming cup of coca tea, perfect for acclimatizing to the altitude. Refresh yourself with a warmwater wash before enjoying a hearty breakfast. Pack your essentials in your duffle bag, as our trusty horses will carry it until we reach the next camp. Embark on the trail at 7:00 a.m., immersing yourself in breathtaking landscapes for approximately 6-8 hours. Take a rejuvenating lunch break and refill your water bottle. Our team will find the perfect resting spot for the afternoon walk, which is usually shorter. Arrive at camp between 3:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. Savor a freshly brewed afternoon tea prepared by our kitchen team. Use this time to unwind or explore the surroundings before dinner is served between 6:30 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. Don’t forget to bring your flashlight and water bottle to the dining room tent for refills with boiling water. Trekking by night holds cherished memories, whether it’s engaging in conversations, playing cards, connecting with our crew, or embracing the local song and dance. Immense joy awaits throughout this remarkable trek.

  • The confirmation for the Short Salkantay Trek, lasting 2 days, will be provided upon booking. To ensure participation, it is crucial to maintain good health and fitness. Please note that this trek is not accessible for wheelchairs.
  • IMPORTANT: To confirm the tour, we require all traveler details including full name, identification, passport number, date of birth, and nationality. Kindly provide this information for all passengers. If you have any dietary requirements, please inform us at the time of booking.
  • Note: Changes to the travel date are allowed up to 30 days before the scheduled trekking date.
  • Please be advised that this trek is not recommended for customers with heart problems or other serious medical conditions.
  • The 3-Day Challenge Salkantay Trek is operated by SUNRISE PERU TREK Travel & Tours.

Experience an unforgettable night under the stars in the zone of Suyroqhocha with our comfortable camping tent accommodations. Nestled amidst the natural beauty of this area, our tents provide not just a place to sleep, but a unique opportunity to deeply connect with the surrounding environment. Mesh windows let in the gentle night air, while the sturdy canvas walls protect against the elements. As night falls, you’ll be treated to a symphony of sounds from the surrounding wilderness, creating a tranquil soundtrack for your dreams. So come, immerse yourself in the beauty of Suyroqhocha, and let our camping tents be your cozy retreat.

As a solo traveler, you have the luxury of being the master of your itinerary, enjoying the freedom to explore at your own pace. However, please be aware that this adventure comes with an additional charge of US$120. This fee ensures that you receive the attention, resources, and security necessary to make your solo journey as enriching, safe, and memorable as possible. Invest in this unique experience and immerse yourself in a world of discovery and self-exploration. It’s worth every penny!

As the saying goes, “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” And this statement rings even truer for solo travelers. With every journey, you gain a wealth of knowledge, experiences, and memories that will stay with you forever.

Please note that this trip is non-refundable. We understand that life can be unpredictable and plans may need to change. To accommodate such situations, we offer the flexibility to change the start date of your journey. However, we kindly ask you to inform us at least 30 days in advance. By doing so, we can ensure that all necessary arrangements are meticulously reorganized for your convenience, preserving the quality and excitement of your adventure.

When embarking on the Salkantay Trek, it’s important to understand the difficulty level and the effects of high altitude. This two-day adventure through Peru’s stunning landscapes is exhilarating, but it does come with its challenges.

Difficulty Level

The Salkantay Trek is graded as a moderate to challenging trek. It requires a good level of fitness and stamina to navigate the rugged terrain and steep inclines. Trekkers should be prepared for long and sometimes strenuous hiking days.

Here is a breakdown of the difficulty level of the Salkantay Trek:

Difficulty LevelDescription
ModerateRequires a moderate level of fitness. Hiking experience recommended but not essential.
ChallengingRequires good fitness and previous hiking experience. Trekkers should be prepared for long hiking days and steep ascents and descents.

The high altitude is another factor to consider when trekking the Salkantay Trail. The highest point of the trek reaches an altitude of 4,600 meters (15,088 feet) at the Salkantay Pass. This can potentially cause altitude sickness, which can vary in severity from person to person.

To acclimatize properly and minimize the effects of altitude sickness, it is recommended to spend a few days in Cusco or other high-altitude destinations before undertaking the trek. It’s also important to stay well hydrated, take frequent breaks, and listen to your body.

Here are some tips for dealing with high altitude:

  • Drink plenty of water throughout the trek.
  • Avoid excessive physical exertion and take frequent breaks.
  • Chew coca leaves or drink coca tea, a traditional remedy for altitude sickness.
  • Consider taking medication for altitude sickness, after consulting with a healthcare professional.
It’s essential to be prepared both physically and mentally for the challenges that come with the Salkantay Trek. With proper training, acclimatization, and a positive mindset, you can conquer the difficulty and altitude, and create unforgettable memories along the way.

Trekkers have shared some valuable advice to help you prepare for the Salkantay Trek:

  1. Train physically to build stamina and endurance for the challenging terrain.
  2. Acclimatize to the high altitude by spending a few days in Cusco before starting the trek.
  3. Stay hydrated and pack essential items such as sun protection, comfortable hiking shoes, and layers of clothing for varying weather conditions.
  4. Engage with knowledgeable and experienced guides who can provide valuable insights and support throughout the journey.

By reading these reviews, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the Salkantay Trek and be better equipped to plan your own adventure. Let the experiences of fellow trekkers inspire you as you embark on this extraordinary journey through Peru’s majestic landscapes.

Embarking on the Short Salkantay Trek is an adventure that requires careful planning, and choosing the best time of year to go can greatly enhance your experience. Understanding the weather patterns and seasonal variations will help you select the most suitable time for your trek. Here’s a guide to help you determine the best time to hike the Short Salkantay Trek.

1. Dry Season (May to September)

The dry season, from May to September, is generally considered the best time to hike the Short Salkantay Trek. During this period, skies are clear, and the chances of rainfall are minimal. The dry weather provides excellent visibility, allowing you to fully appreciate the stunning landscapes and mountain views along the trek.

2. Shoulder Season (April and October)

If you’re looking for a quieter trekking experience and are willing to tolerate some variability in weather, the shoulder seasons of April and October can be a good option. While these months may have occasional rain showers and slightly cooler temperatures, they offer fewer crowds and a more tranquil atmosphere.

3. Wet Season (November to March)

The wet season, spanning from November to March, should be approached with caution. Heavy rainfall is common during this period, which can make the trek challenging and potentially dangerous. Trails may become muddy and slippery, and there is a higher risk of landslides. However, adventurous trekkers with appropriate gear may find the lush green landscapes and fewer crowds appealing during this time.

Keep in mind that the weather patterns can vary from year to year, so it’s essential to check the latest weather forecasts and consult with local guides or tour operators for up-to-date information.

The Salkantay Trek is truly an adventure of a lifetime. From the moment you embark on this incredible journey, you are immersed in the natural beauty and ancient culture of Peru. The Short Salkantay Trek offers a condensed version of this experience, allowing you to witness the breathtaking landscapes and explore the rich history in just two days.

Throughout the trek, you will face physical challenges as you navigate the trail and conquer high altitudes. However, the rewards are abundant. From camping under the stars to reaching the final destination, every moment is filled with awe-inspiring sights and unforgettable memories.

By choosing the Salkantay Trek, you have selected the best trekking route in Peru. The pristine landscapes, diverse ecosystems, and ancient ruins along the way make this journey truly unparalleled. So, lace up your boots, prepare your backpack, and get ready to embark on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure through the heart of Peru.

Trekking Map About two-day Short Salkantay Trek

Journey through the heart of the Andes and behold the majesty of Peru’s natural wonders with our exclusive map of the short Salkantay Trek. This map is your treasure guide to an adventure that beautifully marries grandeur and challenge, designed for trekkers who seek both thrill and beauty within a condensed timeframe.

Feel the pulse of rugged landscapes as you chart a course that takes you through terrains that make your heart sing with their pure, untouched splendor. Your trek is marked by the awe-inspiring Humantay Lake – a sapphire jewel nestled amidst towering peaks. Its crystalline waters reflect the serene might of the mountains, offering a moment of tranquility and a perfect photo opportunity to capture the spirit of your quest.

What will you see along the 2-Day Short Salkantay Trek?


Video About 2- Day Short Salkantay Trek

Welcome to the hidden gem of Peru – the Short Salkantay Trek! Nestled in the heart of the breathtaking Andes mountains, this trek offers a truly unique and unforgettable Peruvian adventure. Step off the beaten path and immerse yourself in the magic of the Inca Trail in a whole new way. From stunning mountain landscapes to ancient Incan ruins, this trek has it all. Join us on this journey as we explore one of Peru’s best kept secrets and discover why the Short Salkantay Trek is a must-do for any adventurer. Don’t miss out on this incredible experience – hit that play button now and start planning your own trip to this hidden gem in the Andes!


The Salkantay Trek is considered the best trekking route in Peru, offering breathtaking landscapes and a unique cultural experience.


The Salkantay Trek is a challenging trek that requires a good level of fitness. It involves steep ascents and descents, as well as hiking at high altitudes.

The highest point on the Salkantay Trek is the Salkantay Pass, which stands at an altitude of 4,647 meters (15,246 feet) above sea level.

Previous trekkers have praised the Salkantay Trek for its stunning scenery and challenging yet rewarding experience. Many recommend proper acclimatization and physical preparation.

The best time to hike the Short Salkantay Trek is during the dry season, which runs from May to September. This is when the weather is generally clear, with less chance of rain.

On Day 1, you will start your Salkantay Trek and begin your journey through stunning landscapes. You will follow the trail and encounter breathtaking natural beauty along the way.

On the first night, you will have the opportunity to camp under the stars. There are designated camping spots along the trek, and facilities such as tents and sleeping bags are provided.

On Day 2, you will continue your Salkantay Trek and make your way to the final destination. You will compare the Salkantay Trek with the Inca Trail and appreciate the unique experiences each offers.

The Short Salkantay Trek is a two-day itinerary that includes hiking through stunning landscapes, camping under the stars, and reaching the final destination. A detailed day-by-day breakdown is available for your reference.

The Salkantay Trek offers breathtaking landscapes, including snow-capped mountains, lush valleys, and crystal-clear lakes. You will be surrounded by natural beauty throughout the trek.

Along the Salkantay Trek, you will have the opportunity to explore ancient Inca ruins, visit traditional villages, and immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of the region.