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Salkantay Treks Essential Information

Explore the Majestic Mount Salkantay and Uncover Peru’s Most Breathtaking Views!

Are you an experienced traveler looking for the chance to explore some of Peru’s most breathtaking beauty? Then a Salkantay Trek might be exactly what you’re looking for! If you’ve ever wanted the chance to witness nature at its finest, then the trek across mount Salkantay is sure to provide just that. Picturesque vistas and grandiose landscapes will take your breath away in this astounding Peruvian experience. Get all your essential information here about embarking on a journey across Mount Salkantay- from which paths are best and where to find suppliers who can make sure you have everything needed before taking off. So what are you waiting for? Read on now and start planning out an adventurous worthwhile trek today!

Salkantay Trek Info.

Explore the captivating Salkantay Treks in Cusco, Peru, renowned for housing the highest mountains in the region. Be prepared to embark on an exhilarating adventure through diverse landscapes, including High Andean valleys, glacial wonders, pristine forests, and ancient Inca archaeological sites. With trails rated as moderate, both seasoned mountaineers and non-mountaineers in good health can partake in this remarkable experience.

At Salkantay Treks, we offer exclusive trekking tours tailored to your preferences, ranging from 3-day, 4-day, 5-day, to 9-day expeditions. Your journey will commence in the bustling city of Cusco and culminate at the awe-inspiring Inca citadel of Machu Picchu. Along the way, delight in awe-inspiring sights as you traverse icy glaciers, encounter crystal-clear rivers, marvel at picturesque mountains, and immerse yourself in the tropical wonders of the Amazon. Start your unforgettable trekking adventure with us!

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Salkantay Trek Accommodation.

We prioritize our guests’ satisfaction by providing exceptional service, which distinguishes us as a premier Salkantay trek tour operator. Our accommodations include twin tents with high-quality materials, air mattresses, kitchen tents, dining room tents, and portable toilet tents. Each camping tent can comfortably accommodate up to four people and is exclusively assigned to two customers.

During the trekking experience, we ensure clean environments and serve hygienic food to maintain your well-being and happiness. As one of the world’s top destinations, the Cusco region caters to a large number of tourists. Therefore, we offer a range of accommodations, from 3-star hotels to more upscale options in the town of Aguas Calientes, based on your preferences and requirements.

Our Team.

Our team at SUNRISE PERU TREK is comprised of experienced and certified professionals who are dedicated to providing you with an unforgettable adventure. With extensive knowledge of the challenging routes, high altitude conditions, and unpredictable weather, our native leaders and staff are well-equipped to overcome any obstacles that may arise during your trip. They have received comprehensive training and emergency guidance, ensuring that your safety is always a top priority. Additionally, we provide insurance and medical services for our staff, including porters, kitchen members, and others, to guarantee their well-being throughout the trek.

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Salkantay Trek’s Field Staff.

We prioritize the comfort of our guests, especially when it comes to our field staff. During challenging treks, we ensure an adequate number of workers including guides, porters, assistance guides, camping members, and other dedicated staff. For treks, we provide 1 assistance guide for every 8 guests, with a maximum of 12 guests. To carry our belongings, we have reliable and efficient porters. We allocate 1.5 porters for every guest, or alternatively, one horse per guest, depending on the amount of luggage. Our porters have a weight limit of 20 kg. For Salkantay Treks, our professional and experienced guides, leaders, and city guides are proficient in English, French, Spanish, and other necessary languages. We can also accommodate additional staff members as per your specific requirements.

Salkantay Trek Equipment.

Ensure a pleasant and hassle-free trip by carefully selecting the necessary equipment. Avoid the burden of excessive gear and unnecessary expenses. We recommend carrying essential items such as warm clothes, a down jacket, trousers, t-shirts, hiking boots, sunglasses, sun cream, a knife, a walking stick, a day backpack, a headlight, and a sleeping bag. These are the must-have pieces of equipment for your trek.

Clothing for Salkantay Trek.

When preparing for an outdoor adventure, the importance of appropriate clothing cannot be overstated. Layering is key to maintaining comfort and preventing hypothermia or overheating. Start with liner socks to reduce friction and prevent blisters. Trekking shirts with short sleeves are ideal for warmer climates, while thermal underwear and lightweight fleece sweaters provide necessary warmth in cooler temperatures. For colder conditions, consider a heavier sweater. Opt for easy-drying, long-sleeved base layer shirts and woolen blend trekking socks for moisture management and added warmth. Lastly, choose trekking pants with zip-off bottoms, offering versatility for varying weather conditions and temperatures.

Outer Layers.

When preparing for outdoor excursions in colder climates, it’s crucial to layer properly to maintain body heat and ensure comfort. Begin with a down vest, which offers excellent insulation while remaining lightweight. Top it with a wind and rain proof jacket and pants to shield yourself from inclement weather. Protect your head and ears with a peaked hat or headband, but also consider carrying a warm winter hat and a lightweight thermal layer hat for colder temperatures. Gloves are a must for hand protection. A down jacket provides extra heat retention during severe cold. For footwear, a sturdy pair of trekking boots is essential. Don’t forget a pair of down booties, they are great for keeping feet warm indoors and while sleeping. Lastly, a pair of flip flops can come in handy for late night bathroom runs.

Best season to trek in the Salkantay Region.

The optimal time for trekking in Salkantay, Peru is generally from April to November. Throughout this period, the weather conditions are typically clear, and the temperatures remain moderate, creating ideal circumstances for trekking and mountaineering. The unobstructed, breathtaking views of the snow-capped peaks, coupled with the verdant landscape, offer an unforgettable adventure for nature enthusiasts and avid trekkers alike.

The Salkantay trek is a popular alternative to the Inca Trail, as it offers an equally stunning experience with fewer crowds. The trail takes you through diverse terrain, including high-altitude mountain passes and dense cloud forests. Along the way, trekkers have the opportunity to interact with local communities and learn about their traditional way of life.

Experience & Fitness for Salkantay Treks.

When it comes to experience and fitness, trekking in Salkantay does not require prior experience. However, our challenging route in Cusco surpasses Salkantay. Despite this, our itinerary ensures comfortable walking distances.

Trekking in Salkantay always presents challenging altitudes and rocky routes. It demands proper rest time and acclimatization to maintain stamina. Rest assured, our itinerary always includes these essential elements. However, certain training such as running, skipping, and other workouts will undoubtedly aid you on the Salkantay Trek.

Safety Note for Salkantay Trek.

For your safety and peace of mind, please be cautious when approached by individuals offering tours or visits to specialty shops before the start of your trip. These individuals are not affiliated with SUNRISE PERU TREK, and therefore, we cannot guarantee the quality of service you may receive from them. Rest assured, your SUNRISE PERU TREK trip includes experienced professional guides who will accompany you to all the mentioned sites in your itinerary, ensuring a secure and reliable experience.


Should you encounter any difficulties meeting your transfer from the airport to the starting hotel, depending on which country you are in you can contact a SUNRISE PERU TREK representative on the following:

  • Mauro Pedraza – Operations Manager
    Mobile: +(51) 984 734633
  • Henrry Chauca – Operations
    Mobile: +(51) 950 313131
  • Sharon Ovalle – SUNRISE PERU TREK Representatives Supervisor
    Mobile: +(51) 974 359484


While we hope you never have to use it, if for any reason you need to contact someone from SUNRISE PERU TREK, whether it be that you have missed a trip departure meeting, have become separated from your trip on the road or any other unforeseeable problem, the following options are available to you.

Cusco Office

Your best recourse to assistance during the day is to call our team between 8am-9pm Monday to Friday and 9.30am-4pm.
Telf: +51 84 237404

Emergency Contact

If you need to contact SUNRISE PERU TREK outside of the above hours the following number is available:

Mobile: +(51) 984 734633
Please remember if it is a genuine emergency, we of course want you to call us; however, if it can wait until the next day, we ask that you call during our office hours. Thank you.