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Salkantay: The most Beautiful Mountain in Cusco – Peru

Would you like to know the Most beautiful Mountain in Cusco Peru?.- Then Salkantay Mountain is in your way.

The beautiful Mountain of Salkantay (wild mountain) is located at 60km from the city of Cusco, in the national park of Machu Picchu; it is one of the highest mountains in the region of Cusco, with the “Ausangate” Mountain in the “Vilcanota” mountain range which is located further south, this snow has two types of peaks, that years ago they had some differences among them, but today after the collapsed the WEST part of the snow of Salkantay Mountain, it shows that the two peaks are really the same.

  • The summit to the WEST is more beautiful
  • While the summit located to the EAST, is slightly higher because it is crowned by a SERAC (a large block of ice fragmented by large crevasses in a glacier).


On the way to the beautiful snow-capped of Salkantay Mountain, you can witness the excellent flora and Fauna, among which you will find the famous orchids which are very beautiful and colorful adorning the landscape.

Location of the beautiful Salkantay Mountain

The beautiful Mountain of Salkantay or Salcantay is, located in the Cordillera “Vilcabamba”, in the district of “Santa Teresa”, province of La “Convencion”, department of Cusco. This beautiful snow-capped mountain rises to 6271m / 20574.15fts. The Mountain itself still plays a very important role in the mentality of the locals; They obey him respect and faith for being considered a natural protector of their agriculture, their animals and their own lives.

How to get to Nevado del Salkantay?

Undoubtedly one of the attractions that “Sunrise Peru Trek” recommends you to know if you arrive in Cusco, is the Beautiful Salkantay Mountain; To reach this extraordinary snow-capped mountain located in the Cordillera de “Vilcanota”, you must take the route to “Mollepata” 2:30 hours.

Very Important: Cars heading to “Mollepata” leaves from “Arcopata” Street and it is about 10 minutes from the historic center, very easy to access.

Keep in mind that the Beautifel Nevado of Salkantay is an alternative route to get to the citadel of Machu Picchu, or in the event that you were unsuccessful in making your reservation for the Classic Inca Trail, this would be your best option. The trekking through the Nevado Salkantay, takes you hike in the mountain range of “Vilcabamba”, likewise, you will be able to enjoy the diversity of flora and fauna existing along the Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu, for example you can find beautiful orchids , which will fascinate you with the color of their flowers.


  • Erodium cicutarium, is a forage plant that grows in almost all temperate regions.
  • Ichu, is a grass from the Andean highlands of South America
  • Orchid, flowers have been appreciated since pre-Columbian times for their infinite shapes and variety of colors.
  • Salicornia ramosissima, a halophytic perennial plant that grows in different areas of the saline tide.


  • Alpaca
  • Llama
  • Spectacled bear
  • Condor
  • Vizcacha
  • Chinchilla

On the way to the snowy Salkantay you will notice the change of two climates, in the first part of the route you will feel that the weather is a bit dry and cold at the same time, while in the second part of the way you will enjoy a warmer and more humid climate. Without a doubt, an unparalleled adventure that “Sunrise Peru Trek” will guarantee you the pleasure of the road.


Before doing the Salkantay Trekking, we highly recommend that you acclimatize for at least two days in the city of Cusco, besides not letting the opportunity to visit the historic center.
Another recommendation is to prepare physically, with a little exercise will be enough, to make the trekking without worry.

IMPORTANT: whatever month of the year you decide to venture into the snowy Salkantay, you should always wear warm clothes and the inevitable adventure backpack (try to be as comfortable as possible and contain only what is necessary).

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