Peru Tour - 16 Days


Peru Tour is a cultural, archaeological and scenic tour package in the land of the Incas; where you’ll discover the treasures of the pre-Incas and Incas culture including the history; traditions and the mysterious monuments. The Peru Tour takes you to visit the most picturesque regions of Peru; explore the most popular tourist destinations; and trek the ancient stone paved trails. In the tour you’ll experience the cultural and natural highlights including: The Colca canyon, the Lake Titicaca, the Sacred Valley of the Incas, the Inca trail, the iconic Machu Picchu, and the deepest of the Amazon Jungle.

The sixteen-day Peru Tour starts in the city of Lima the capital of the Incas, known as the city of the kings, then we’ll travel to Arequipa where we’ll visit the Colca canyon, continuing the trip we’ll visit the islanders of the Lake Titicaca, travel to Cusco city, once the capital of the Incas. We’ll travel through the sacred valley of the Incas, trek the Inca trail, explore Machu Picchu and enjoy the exotic views of the Amazon jungle in the region of Puerto Maldonado.

This wonderful Peru Tour takes you throughout a beautiful country with a vibrant capital city, colorful culture, friendly people and magnificent mountain scenery. The landscape ranges from the snow-capped range, including one of the highest peaks in Peru, to the lowland farms of the Terrain region. A great part of the fascination of any trip to peru is to experience this transition, to explore the immense variety of the countryside in which the high peaks always form a backdrop that promises excitement and adventure. It’s a landscape that invites you to explore.

Short itineray

Day 1: Arrive to Lima

Day 2:   Flight to Arequipa and visit the vity

Days 3-4:  Tour to Colca Canyon

Days 5-6: Tour in the Lake Titicaca

Day 7: Travel to Cusco

Day 8: Tour to the Sacred Valley of the Incas

Days 9-12:  Inca trail to Machu Picchu

Day 13: day free in the city of Cusco

Days 14-16: Tour to the Amazon jungle


Visit the city of Lima: The capital of Peru
Flight to Arequipa and visit the city the surrounding areas
Visit the Colca canyon with overnight in the village of Chivay.
Discover the island and islanders of the Lake Tititcaca, with overnight in the Amantani Island.
Travel to Cusco through the Peruvian Altiplano.
Visit the city of Cusco once the capital of the Incas
Drive through the sacred valley of the Incas
Explore the Inca sites of Pisaq and Ollantaytambo in the sacred valley
Visit the traditional local markets in Pisaq on the sacred valley
Hike the Inca Trail (all portered tour)
Explore the iconic Machu Picchu
Enjoy a free time within Machu Picchu for further exploration
Flight to Puerto Maldonado: the amazon jungle
Enjoy the wildlife of the Amazon Jungle

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Price From USD 2,800 USD $ 2,650/person
Total $ 2,650 USD

Trip Facts

  • Peru
  • min: 2 - Max: 12
  • 3-stars category
  • Fly, Train, bus and trekking

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