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Welcome to Sunrise Peru Trek

A Peruvian Tour Operator based in Cusco, we are Salkantay Treks essentialist

Sunrise Peru trek strive to promote sustainable tourism, protecting the local environment and culture. We offer a variety of tours and adventure expeditions in the region of Cusco and the entire Peru. We offer Salkantay trekking 4 days, 5 days Salkantay Trek, Inca trail to Machu Picchu, Machu Picchu tours, Inti Raymi festival and tour through Peru. Our tours are all designed with the highest level of customer service and responsible tourism. We look forward to sharing Peru’s amazing outdoors and deep culture heritage with you.

SUNRISE PERU TREK, is a well established company, a Peruvian sustainable tourism tour operator, located in Cusco – Peru; we are high quality Adventure Tour Operator with over 15 years of experience and expertise in the tourism industry. We offer to our customers a wide range of programs with exciting itineraries designed to appeal to most visitors, we have a professional team experienced in the field of tourism ready to guide you on the trip of a lifetime.

We organizing a variety of Tours in Cusco region and Peru: Adventures trips, Treks, Amazon Jungle Trips and Packages in Peru, we are Inka trail to Machu Picchu specialist and highly recommended for Machu Picchu tours; Let us to be part of your adventure in Peru.

We know that many things add up to a perfect trek or expedition; weather and route conditions, logistics, equipment, cooks, porters and food; our Guides’ experiences and interests go beyond merely climbing mountains or explore Inca temples. You’ll find them a wealth of information on nearly aspect of your trek or tour; local culture, language, history, food, plants and animals, weather, and geology. Many of them are also professionals in other fields, including archaeology, history, and geology.

We offer adventure treks through the Inka Trail to Machu Picchu, Machu Picchu Tours, Salkantay Trekking 4 days, Salkantay Trek 5 Days, Salkantay Luxury trek 9 days, Patabamba Trek and Machu Picchu 3 days, Lares Trek and Machu Picchu 4 days, Mountain bike and tours through Peru. With our professional and experienced guides, cooks, and field staff, we promise you will have the journey of a lifetime exploring the most incredible places and friendly faces the Land of the Inka has to offer.

Our trips are more than a holiday. Sunrise Peru Trek provides opportunities to not only explore, but also to extend your appreciation and understanding of Peru´s mountain environments and cultures. All of our ecologically responsible trips allow our clients explore Peru´s traditional culture and stunning natural surroundings with the minimum possible environmental impact. We constantly aim to provide superior and high quality services at competitive prices, and we will take care of all the details of your trip so you can enjoy your journey through Peru unhindered.

Contact us for Mountaineering Expeditions, Treks, jungle trips and Mountain bikes in Peru. We are confident in our ability to provide outstanding services in one of the most stunning natural environments on earth.

We support the rural communities with our Community Projects by donating apercentage of our profits organized directly by us or in association with local non-governmental organizations (NGO’s). We mainly support rural communities from where our porters and other employees come from. We also support small communities along the routes that we operate. In the past we have received help from tourists who have donated second hand clothes, shoes, school equipment, etc. Every Christmas we choose three communities and coordinate with them on different projects. The same day our Inca trail cooks prepare hot chocolate which is served with a Christmas cake and share presents with the children of the community.


We operate a policy of working very closely with the local communities in Cusco (Sacred Valley of the Incas). Usually our guides, cooks, porters and drivers; employed for our trips come from the surrounding villages (Pisac, Ollantaytambo, lares, Izcuchaca, Chincheros); as does much of our food and supplies. We aim to aid the local economy at a direct level as much as possible. Many of our porters have opportunity to work as a guide; after they completed their studies and prove their proficiency in languages or talented; porters become great cook chefs after few years. We are recognized and respected by Sunat; as a principal contributor and pay regularly our sales taxes; which are included in our tours.


Our staffs are well paid compare to Cusco normal industry standards. They are insured and had medical facilities, one month during their holiday, and the month during Christmas they receive special salary that includes Christmas presents. Company has a policy of providing superannuation and provident fund for every staffs.

Field employees get tour allowances and they are adequately insured against accidents in the course of tours and trekking and expeditions. We provide every year series of staff training including, language first-aid, educational, during the off- season.

Motivated in using local manpower, resources and products while conducting all tours and trekking expeditions. Encourage village tourism and use of maximum local products for consumption during all our tour operations.


We have maintained very transparent books of accounts for which a qualified professional has been hired. A government approved tax auditor prepares all the Profit and Loss account balance sheet at the end of each fiscal year. On the basis of which, we pay 23% of gross profit to the government. Until now, we have cleared all the taxes and also paid advance tax for the running year.