Salkantay Trek Climate

Salkantay Trek Climate varies according to its season. Autumn, winter and spring are the three most favorable seasons for Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu. Autumn starts from later March to later June and brings in clear weather with sunny days and warm nights. Whereas winter and spring starts from late June to December with occasional rain falls. From December to March, is the monsoon season. Trekking is generally difficult and uncomfortable as the climate of Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu at this time of year brings about hot weather and rain falls almost every day. The trails become muddy and are often leech-infested. Moreover, the mountains are usually obscured by cloud. There are, however, possibilities for summer trekking in Cusco.

During the indicated period of time, we experience a moderate and pleasant climatic condition which is neither so hot nor that cold which aids in making the views of the hills and mountains all the more mesmerizing.

The Salkantay Trek Climate varies throughout the year from sunny and dry to wet and cold. The conditions that you will experience depend largely on the time of year that you trek the Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu. Temperatures rise slightly during the wet season, as this is actually summer in the southern hemisphere.

The following temperatures are average since Peru has two seasons:

Dry season (April & November) with Day temperature 20ºC/25ºC and Night temperature -1ºC/7ºC

Wet season (December & March) with Day temperature 17ºC/22ºC and Night temperature 4º;C/10ºC

Salkantay Trek Climate

The Salkantay Trek Climate

Day temperature of Salkantay trek

Days are usually bright and sunny with temperatures around the 20°C (70°F) mark. If rain falls then often the temperature will drop quite significantly, and combined with the wind chill factor it can actually feel quite cold.

Night temperature of Salkantay trek

Night time on the Salkantay Trek is actually quite cold, with temperatures often falling below freezing point. When the sun sets the temperature drops quickly, and you will need to be prepared with warm clothing. We advise that you take thick dry socks, gloves, hats and warm clothing for the evening and for sleeping.

Rainy Season on the Salkantay Trek

The rainy season from Mid October to Mid April is less popular with trekkers, as there is more chance of rain. The dry season which runs throughout the rest of the year have a good climate for trekking with little or no rain at all. However, during the rainy season with the increased amount of rain fall you will find that the mountains are more lush and green, compared to the other months of the year. Also, during the wet months Machu Picchu is less crowed.

Clothing for Salkantay Trek

  • It will be below freezing on the first night in the mountains. The frigid conditions are also exaggerated by high humidity. You must have winter clothing and a warm sleeping bag. My 0°F down Big Agnes was very comfortable. Bring chemical foot warmers or boil some water for a hot water bottle or regular bottle to keep your feet warm at the bottom of the sleeping bag.
  • It will get very hot during the day, especially at lower altitudes. Synthetic (non-cotton) light clothing is essential.
  • Good hiking boots are a must. You will be carrying a lot of weight uphill for 1 day and downhill for 3 days. You shoes must be able to protect your feet; but athletic tape is always a good backup.
  • Rain jacket or poncho (plastic ponchos can be purchased in Cusco/Peru).

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Salkantay Trek Climate
Salkantay Trek Climate

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Salkantay Trek Climate
Salkantay Trek Climate

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Salkantay Trek Climate
Salkantay Trek Climate

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Salkantay Trek Climate
Salkantay Trek Climate

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